It is a scheme whereby precious metal articles are checked and certified for their precious metal content by a qualified and independent office before the articles are released for sale. Hallmarking is the world's first known consumer protection.

There are three methods of hallmarking – handmarking, pressmarking, and lasermarking.

  • Handmarking is the most traditional method where the articles are struck by a punch powered by an operative with large muscles and a hammer.
  • Pressmarking is the automated version of handmarking that allows both hands to be used.
  • Lasermarking is the most recent method where it is done through fine, high-powered laser beams. It can be used to mark signature and logos.


It is a quality control mark placed on an article made of precious metal. Sometimes it is called a hall. It is usually applied to gold, silver and platinum articles by an independent assaying office, which guarantees that it conforms to authorised standard of the precious metal content or fineness. The hallmark is applied to such objects as a means of safeguarding the purchaser against fraudulent practices.

How to recognize our Hallmark?

If a precious metal article is hallmarked by the Singapore Assay Office, there should be a total of three marks – Assay Office mark, Standard mark and Jeweller’s mark.

For Standard Mark:

Fineness in Rectangular Frame for Gold999, 916, 900,750, 585, 375

Fineness in Round Frame for Silver999, 958, 925, 800

Fineness in Diamond Frame for Platinum999, 950, 900, 850